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I'll help you reach programming and technology enthusiasts!

I'm an experienced software engineer that worked as a tech editor. I'm also running a blog on Medium, where I write about programming news and interesting projects.


  • StackOverflow: 17 000 000 people reached

  • Quora: 3 122 601 people reached, 8 627 followers

  • Medium: 1 200 000 views, 11 600 followers

  • Twitter: 3 985 followers

  • LinkedIn: 2 773 follow
    (as of 4.01.2024)


  • 2 HackerNoon prizes for best article


  • programming

  • technology

  • software

  • SaaS

With my experience as a software engineer, tech editor, marketer, and SEO specialist, and a reach to a broad programming and technology community, I'll help you reach your potential customers!

It's a commercial cooperation invitation, all content produced is marked as sponsored according to the law


Reach programmers and technology enthusiasts!

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