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Community projects

Aside of commercial projects, I also run projects with the aim to support the community. Learn more about them.


Summon The JSON

Building programming enthusiasm with fantasy flashcard games


Programming Q&A's

Helping young developers to gain confidence in understanding programming concepts


Explanatory materials

Using experimental methods to raise awareness about important aspects of programming and design


Visual Studio Code Assistant Extension

Improving programming experience with new, innovative tooling


JIRA extension

A script that makes it easy to copy a branch name from a JIRA ticket, and that shows the branch name in the browser title.



Answering young developers questions about programming as a top 2% StackOverflow mentor.

Business People Applauding

Dev communities

Maintaining over fifty dev communities and channels on Facebook, Quora, and StackOverflow

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Computer Programming

Open source

Several open source project available on GitHub


Programming articles

Programming articles published across Quora, Medium,

Image by Joel Moysuh

Programming newsletter

A programming newsletter, where I share info about interesting programming books, and discounts for these. Run in polish language.

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